About the Conference

The Climate Leadership Conference will bring together Australia’s top climate and sustainability professionals to discuss the latest developments, opportunities and best practice case studies in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Conference will provide critical and timely insights into COP23, which clarified Australia’s obligations and responsibilities under the Paris Agreement, including transparency, adaptation, emission reductions, provision of finance, capacity-building and technology.


Dockside Convention Centre


Thursday – Friday
March 15 – 16, 2018

Supporting Partners

The New Era of Climate Leadership

The Conference will feature:

● Australia’s progress towards meeting its obligations and commitments under the Paris Agreement;
● The findings and responses to the Australian Government’s current review of its climate change policies, due to be finalised in December 2017;
● Representatives from the State Governments that have signed the Climate Leadership Declaration, and how their initiatives impact local government, business and communities;
● Top case studies about driving business and economic opportunity through climate leadership;
● Driving innovation and building climate action partnerships;
● Strategies for achieving zero emissions;
● Factoring climate change into planning and infrastructure decisions;
● Management of climate risk;
● Understanding impacts of climate change on coastal areas;
● Financing the low-carbon future;
● Carbon mitigation technology and innovation;
● Cultivating a climate culture and communicating solutions to stakeholders;
● Building sustainable supply chains;
● Benefits of carbon neutral commitments for industry and government;
● Building local resilience to climate change impacts.

Who will be there?

The Conference will attract climate and sustainability professionals from all levels of government, business and industry groups from across Australia.

● Federal, State and Local Government representatives, including Department Heads, Mayors, CEOs and Managers;

● ASX 200 Companies: CEOs, senior managers;

● Institutional investors;

● Industry associations;

● NGOs and many more.


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